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How to Download a Movie?

STEP 1.0 - Search the Movie

Search the movie you need using the search bar. There is one on top of every page.
You can search movies by Movie Name.

STEP 2 - Select a Movie

 Select a movie you need to download from any of the pages or from the search made. Either from Action, Animation Etc.

STEP 3.1 -View Movie Details and Select a Movie.

After selecting a movie name, You can view all the details about the movie.

STEP 3.2 -View Movie Details and Watch the Movie trailer.

If you are not sure of how nice the movie is, you can watch the trailer to get th insight of the movie

STEP 3.3 -View Movie Details and Watch the Movie online .

If you don’t want to download the movie , you can watch it online. Faster Streaming.

STEP 3.4 - Downloading the movie.

scroll down to the download button and click on it.

For web or tablet or P.C

For Mobile

STEP 4 - Start to Download the File

After clicking on the download link, a next page will open and a counter will start to count down to zero(0). Then the download will start.

STEP 5 - Click on that triple dot.

STEP 6 - Click on the Download Butto

This will start downloading the movie

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